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We are working for various Master Planning projects which are ranging from designing Residential areas, various industrial firms, Landscapes, etc. Each master plan of the architect design project is diverse as per its space and necessary, so while designing a well-balanced utilization of space is considered. Our strategy is one of a supportive team enthusiasm that provides different designs within our team of architects to be included in the project to share and explain relevant design concepts.

Our Master Plan layout should present different opportunities that provide to various urban problems and made form demands. Our Master Planning process is distributed into 4 parts:

Information Gathering

Design Master Plan

Construction as per Design

Client Communication

Additional Information

An architect team can do a lot of analysis, planning and artistic thought that happens to design a set of high-quality designs. With the growing complexity of construction operations, the endless introduction of innovative construction products and elements into the marketplace, and the emphasis on excellent design, the architect is the only expert with the knowledge, education, and expertise required to include these all.

The time required for architect development process will differ as per the

  • Area & range of the project
  • Builder availability
  • Elements applied for the project

Master Plans take more time than a small residential and commercial projects.

Based on the scope of the project, drawings will be few or more. A standard project will cover all of the below:

  • Location Design
  • Foundation Plans
  • Ground Plans
  • Location Design
  • Divisions
  • Details
  • Power study
  • Pipe, powerful, general data

An architectural price is measured generally in 4 distinct steps like a portion of the price of the project, hourly price, price per square foot, & negotiated fixed rate.