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Babar Ramzan, the entrepreneurial spirit behind DXB Interiors, and Mr. Wasim, the seasoned design virtuoso, together form the cornerstone of our esteemed firm. Babar, with his sharp business acumen, has steered the company from its nascent stages in Dubai to a celebrated design powerhouse. Mr. Wasim brings a wealth of expertise, with 12 years of crafting exquisite interiors in the UAE, to the partnership.

Their collaboration has been the driving force behind DXB Interiors, blending Babar’s vision with Wasim’s design mastery to redefine spaces. Babar’s strategic direction and Wasim’s creative prowess have established a design language that speaks of both luxury and functionality, making DXB Interiors a synonym for excellence in Dubai and beyond.

The duo’s commitment to innovation and their deep understanding of the art of interior design ensure that each project is not just a space but a storytelling canvas. With Babar’s entrepreneurial leadership and Wasim’s design expertise, DXB Interiors continues to craft environments that are not only visually captivating but also deeply personal to each client they serve.

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